Our first litter of Spanish Mastiff puppies was born 2/7/09

All of the puppies from our "A" litter have now gone to their new homes
where they can "share the love"! Thank you to all the new
Spanish Mastiff lovers who are giving my babies such wonderful homes!

Aliya - 11 months old (with mom)

9 weeks old

Aliya will be staying here with us. She is so like her father in both looks and temperament, we had no
choice but to keep her! She is a very sweet dog that is showing alot of promise with the livestock.

Aislinn - 22 months old

16 weeks old

Aislinn is a very large boned, beautiful girl that I am very happy to have kept right here!
She is a very alert, intelligent, independent dog with a wonderful personality and excellent guarding instincts!
You can see more pictures of Aislinn here

Amos   8 months

12 weeks old
Amos is the most amazing pup! He is a very large boy and has the heart to match! He is so calm and laid back in
personality. It was extremely difficult letting him go, but he is in a good home with people who love him
for all his wonderful qualities! He is living just a few blocks from his brother Aristotle so they can visit often!

Aristotle  9 months 16 weeks old
My daughters favorite out of all the males. Aristotle is a very intelligent, sweet boy with a great personality and
calm temperament. He has now moved to his new home where his new owners have dubbed him "Moose"!
"He's really been an awesome dog, we are enjoying him as a new member of our family.  Anne"

2 years old

12 weeks old

Alexandra (called Annabelle)

9 weeks old

Alexandra is every bit as sweet as her expression indicates! She is amazing with children and has 3 of her own
to watch over! She is a very intelligent, calm and loving dog. I have received many wonderful updates from her
new family and how well she is doing there! Thank you Tabitha!

Addison 7 weeks old
After hearing all about her sister from her new owner, Addison's new family felt that an SM was just what
they were looking for too! She is an incredibly self-confident pup with an out-going, friendly
personality. She is so like her mother in both looks and personality!

Alta 7 weeks o ld

5 weeks o ld

Alta has a very outgoing personality and is happy either by our side or with the goats. She is now living
on a sheep farm here in Wisconsin. I am very happy to see another SM doing what they were bred to do!

2 years old

9 months

Athena (called Abigail)

6 weeks old

Athena is living in her wonderful new home, with someone who is appreciating both her intelligence
and her loving nature. Her "gardening" & "cooking" skills leave something to be desired though LOL!

Antonio   7 weeks old

6 weeks old

Tony is a wonderful, playful boy with great character and temperament! I am so very sorry that I let get him go!
Arturo    8 weeks old 6 weeks old
Arturo is now living on a horse farm where he is being well loved and appreciated for
both his amazing temperament and adorable face!
Ace      8 weeks old 6 weeks old
Ace lived on a farm in the south. I really miss this guy! He had a huge amount of
personality and character bundled into his little body!

Delilah with 4 day old puppies

Delilah Moses

SIRE: Moses (Baron de Buxionte)

CH. Ulises de Babia

Rayas de los Zumbos

Delilah (Rawa z Doliny Czarnej Wody)

Druso de Aljabara

Roza z Karolewka

Arroyo de Laciana

Bohemia de la Aljabara

Baggio Dobra Rasa

Zina z Karolewka

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