ur B litter was born January 22nd, 2010
3 boys and 3 girls

All puppies sold

Delilah & 3 week old pups

The puppies from this litter have all shown themselves to be very intelligent and loving dogs
that have proven themselves to be very true to the Spanish Mastiff temperament.
I am very impressed by this litter because all the pups appear to be an improvement
over both their dam and sire (both fabulous dogs in their own right)!
Both Delilah and Logan are very correct in conformation, movement and temperament.
Both have heavy bone, abundant loose skin and plenty of wrinkle!
There are an incredible number of Champion titles that have been earned by Logan's siblings
in Europe. Of the 7 in the litter of 12 that have had their hips rated, all were very good to
excellent! Both his parents rated excellent as well.

7 weeks old

puppy attack!  16 days old

Brisa (retained) - 12 months - 31 inches tall

10 months (top picture) & 6 week old

Brisa is a beautiful girl with an incredible amount of potential! A very sweet, intelligent pup that we
are thrilled to have kept right here with us! Click here to view more photo's of Brisa

Baby (CA) - 6 months

8 weeks old (top)      7 weeks old

I absolutely love the temperament and personality on my Baby Girl! She is such a pretty pup with a very expressive face!
Just like her look-a-like Boscoe, she is an incredibly intelligent puppy!
**From her owners Katherine and Stu
"People I meet just love her and stop us to even take pictures. When I am walking her, cars will stop and ask about her.
She is a true treasure! I am so grateful you let me have her! Something I could give thanks for this Thanksgiving."

Bianca - 9 months old

6 months (top)  -    6 weeks old (bottom)

Unfortunately, Bianca was placed in what turned out to be a very poor home.

Baxter (IL) - 6 weeks old

2 weeks old

Baxter is a fabulous pup with a very energetic, though loving personality! He reminds me alot of his father Logan!

2 years

Boscoe (CA) - 16 months old

6 weeks old

Boscoe is such a wonderful, loving, intelligent boy! He has large bone and nice wrinkle. He is now weighing close to 200 lbs and measures 33 inches. He was one of my favorites in both looks and temperament & he's the love of his
owners life!
* From his owner Karen "Lois, Gus has the best temperament and loose skin and his coloring is beautiful.
Everyone tells us how beautiful he is. He is large boned and very smart too! He is very, very smart this one,
he is our baby and always will be. We adore him!"

2 years

Brutus (WA) - almost 10 months old

6 month (top) and 6 week old pictures

Brutus was the last born and is the largest in the litter and has a heart to match! A true gentle giant!
You just can't help falling for this guy! He is wonderful and constant companion to his boy Mycael.
At 9 months old he weighed 140 pounds!

1 week old

1 week old

Parents of litter

Delilah                                                                                   Logan


Delilah (Rawa z Doliny Czarnej Wody)

Druso de Aljabara

Roza z Karolewka

Arroyo de Laciana

Bohemia de la Aljabara

Baggio Dobra Rasa

Zina z Karolewka

Sire: Logan Tornado Erben

ICH Basil Mastiffland
(turned 10 years old in November '10)

CH Florita Maja Tornado Erben

Multi Champion
Davidof von Haus vom Steraldted

Ida FI - IT

Druso de la Aljabara

Cica Ha - La - Mü

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