Aislinn had a single male pup on 1/25/11
Cooper is sold and is living on a sheep farm in Tennessee.
We will miss this wonderful guy!

Both Aislinn and Logan have excellent temperaments and very devoted personalities.
Both are healthy and energetic dogs with fabulous movement and agility.
Aislinn has proven to be a great guard and takes time to warm up to strangers.
Logan has never met a stranger!
After seeing how well the pups from Logan's first litter have turned out, we are
even more excited about the potential of this pup than we were before!

9 weeks old 9 weeks old

8 weeks old 8 weeks old

7 weeks old 7 weeks old

6 weeks old 6 weeks old

6 weeks old 5 weeks old

2 weeks old 2 weeks old

1 week old 2 days old

Cooper & Aislinn - 1 day old 1 day old


Fall Creek Farm Aislinn

Moses (Baron de Buxionte)

Delilah (Rawa z Doliny Czarnej Wody)

CH. Ulises de Babia

Rayas de los Zumbos

Druso de Aljabara

Roza z Karolewka

Logan Tornado Erben

ICH Basil Mastiffland

CH Florita Maja Tornado Erben

Multi Champion
Davidof von Haus vom Steraldted

Ida FI - IT

Druso de la Aljabara

Cica Ha - La - Mü

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C litter 1/25/11
(Aislinn x Logan)

D litter 8/1/11
(Delilah x Logan)

E litter 8/27/12
(Aislinn x Logan)

F litter 5/27/13
(Zoe x Ivan)

G litter 8/7/13
(Aislinn x Ivan)

H litter 2/10/14
(Brisa x Ivan)

I litter 2/14/14
(Delilah x Ivan)

J litter 2/19/14
(Zoe x Ivan