Our 'G' litter between
Ivan & Aislinn was born August 7th, 2013
5 Boys & 2 girls. All are sold.

I expect that the pups from this breeding to be extremely intelligent, have stable
temperaments and be very large with heavy bone and skin to spare! Both Ivan and
Aislinn are excellent with my livestock (tho Ivan is not yet bird safe). Ivan has attended
many events with me and adapts quickly and appropriately to every new place and
situation. Aislinn is more reserved and slower to warm up to strangers and extremely
protective of my daughter in particular.

Extended pedigree with photo's is below.


6 weeks

5 weeks

female 1 - 4 weeks

female 1 - 3 weeks
Sold - Very sweet and calm girl.


14 months old

8 weeks

8 weeks

6 weeks

5 weeks

4 weeks

female 2 - 4 weeks

female 2 - 3 weeks
Sold - This girl is very smart and a bit of a pistol! Usually one of the first to check out new things.
She is working on a horse farm in WA.


9 weeks

9 weeks

8 weeks

6 weeks

male 1- 4 weeks

male 1 - 4 weeks
Sold - Gorgeous boy with a very calm and stable temperament! Guarding poultry and children in Alaska.


6 weeks

male 2 - 4 weeks

male 2 - 3 weeks

male 2 - 3 weeks
Sold - This boy definitely has a way about him and you can see it in his face! He is working on a goat farm in TX.
I have had so much positive feedback on Gabe (Leo) and he has made a huge impact on his owners.


8 weeks

8 weeks

6 weeks

5 weeks

male 3- 4 weeks

male - 4 weeks
Sold - Very smart boy with an adventurous spirit! He is working on a goat ranch in NM.


6 weeks

5 weeks

male 4 - 4 weeks

male 4 - 4 weeks

male 4 - 3 weeks

male 4 - 3 weeks
Sold - Very large and extremely laid back boy. I really like his temperament.


8 weeks

6 weeks

6 weeks

male 5 - 4weeks

male 5 - 3 weeks
Sold - Goliath was the last born pup and was the smallest in the litter, but given time, has caught up.
He has incredible spirit!
He was the first to open his eyes, the first to walk and the first to eat solid foods. I adore this boy!
He is working on a small goat farm here in WI.

3 weeks

3 weeks

3 weeks

9 days

9 days

We would not breed any dog, at any time and for any reason, that suffered
from long term poor health, severe structural faults and/or genetic issues!
The reputation and future of the breed here in the US and our own dogs are
much too important to me to risk them as others are carelessly doing.

Ivan (Iker de Picu Xiana)

Bosco de Picu Xiana (B)
(pictured at 12 months)

Circe de la Majada Los Robles (A)

Toura de Fonteferra

Karana de Abelgas (B)

Nuno de Los Zumbos

Circe de Los Zumbos

Fall Creek Aislinn

Moses (Baron de Buxionte)

Delilah (Rawa z Doliny Czarnej Wody)

CH. Ulises de Babia

Rayas de los Zumbos

Druso de Aljabara

Roza z Karolewka

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