Nigerian Dwarf First Fresheners 


First freshening udder - 10 days fresh

Dam: MCH/CH ASG Pixie's Paris *D *M

   Fall Creek PT Yvette 
 D.O.B. 4/13/2015
Fall Creek RC Buddy
Fall Creek BD Patchouli
MCH/CH Fall Creek Spice 2*D
Fall Creek Basil
MCH/CH ASG Pixie's Paris *D
Fall Creek VR Pixie Dust

Very elegant and dairy little doe. 
She has some excellent goats behind her!
Yvette freshened with an extremely well attached udder! Beautiful fore udder extension, very nice height and width to the rear. I would like to see a little better teat placement, but
that may improve with future freshenings.
Her orifices are open and she milks out
quickly and easily!

Extended Pedigree 



   Fall Creek CO Violet 
 D.O.B. 4/19/2016
Lost Valley Waverunner *S
Fall Creek Cilantro *S
MCH Fall Creek Cinnamon *D
Fall Creek RC Buddy
Fall Creek Venus
MCH Fall Creek Valentine *D

I've waited a long time to get a doe kid that combined my Cinnamon and Valentine genetics and I think she will prove to have been well worth the wait!