If attending the ADGA Nationals, I can easily arrange to drop kids off at the
convention center on the final day of the show.


One chocolate doe with white poll available $350


   ASG Delta Dawn
 D.O.B. 4/5/2015
Lost Valley Waverunner *S
Fall Creek Cilantro *S
MCH Fall Creek Cinnamon *D
Dawnland RCBB Valkyrie
Kyeema Ridge Delta Lady
Rosasharn UP Lady Bug

Very well put together and dairy young doe
that stands on very correct feet and legs!
She shows a lot of promise and this picture does her no justice!
She freshened with a nice udder that is
buttery soft, has an excellent medial and is
placed high into the escutcheon.  

 For sale
(currently in milk)



Buckling #1

Buckling #2 - SOLD
Fall Creek Versailles

  Fall Creek bucklings 1 & 2
 D.O.B. 4/27/2017
Dill's RD Big & Rich *B
Dill's B&R Tall Boy Up
Dill's H Up Yours 3*M
Fall Creek Cilantro *S
MCH/CH Fall Creek Versailles
MCH/CH ASG Pixie's Paris *D

Both of these boys are incredibly well put together and dairy! Tho the pictures don't
show it, they are very level across the top
line, long and wide and have great brisket extension!

Their dam and grand dams are productive milkers with super soft, easily milked udders. Beautiful fore udder extension on both Vera
and her dam Paris!

 Buckling #2 - Sold



#1 - Reserved


DAM: MCH/CH Fall Creek Nutmeg

  Fall Creek buckling #2
 D.O.B. 5/1/2017
ButtinHeads Martinique
Kyeema Ridge Outlaw Pete
ButtinHeads Pan For Gold
Fall Creek Buddy
MCH/CH Fall Creek Nutmeg
MCH/CH Fall Creek Spice 2*D

These boys are long, level, deep and wide
with excellent udders behind them! 

If you are looking for high, wide, well attached udders with strong medials that are socked into the escutcheon and have smooth as glass fore udder extension, these are your boys!


$700 each

Nutmeg rear udder 



One chocolate colored wether available $100

Our latest Johnes & CAE tests were done February 2016.
I'll be happy to share the negative results upon request.

Transport into Iowa, Illinois, central or southern WI areas is available for the cost of gas.

Terms of Sale

Breeder reserves the right to retain first choice on any breeding.
Breeder also reserves the right to refuse a sale.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to hold any animal listed on the sale page for up to
30 days while shipping/transfer arrangements are made. A $500 non-refundable deposit is
required on puppies. Should the buyer back out of the sale, or not pay in the agreed upon time, any
monies paid are forfeit and the animal may be put back up for sale. Buyer is responsible for all
shipping costs (including crates) as well as any vaccinations, testing and/or health certificates
required by your state. There is a $50 fee for transport to the airport or shows.
All animals must be paid in full before transfer and animals picked up at the farm must be paid in cash.

Since breeding goats is not an exact science and what looks good on paper may not necessarily
be what you are looking for, we are no longer requiring deposits on unborn kids. I do recommend
a deposit be made though if there is a certain breeding you are particularly interested in to
guarantee your choice. Once kids are born, we will contact people in order of deposit, then
general reservation. If your first choice is not available (including owner retaining kid), the
deposit may be applied to another available kid of your choice or you may wait for the next
breeding on that doe. Pricing of kids is based on lineage, conformation and potential.
Prices may be adjusted once kids are on the ground.

 All animals are guaranteed healthy when they leave the farm and we will not be held responsible
for any loss of an animal due to shipping stress or illness contracted after they leave our care.
Puppy buyers have 72 hours to have their own vets do a health check. 
We guarantee that all our goats and puppies are free of any disqualifying faults.
 Should any animal need to be replaced, this will be done when an animal of equal quality and
breeding becomes available. A veterinarian's certificate, and a second confirming certificate
(from a vet of the breeder's choosing), may be required.
Shipping/transport fees for the replacement animal will be the responsibility of buyer.