Spanish Mastiff / LGD informational links

Livestock Guardian Dogs Association
A must read for those interested in livestock guardian dogs. Fabulous advice on what to look for in a LGD, reality checks for potential owners, training, health, temperament, etc
AEPME (the official Spanish Mastiff club of Spain)
Mastin-Espanol International
A wonderful message board and resource for Spanish Mastiff enthusiasts from around the world. Lots of information from people who own and live with the breed.  Thousands of Spanish Mastiff photo's to view.
Dog Food Ratings
I've often have people ask what dog foods I recommend. If at all possible, I always recommend feeding raw, if not an option for you, feed the absolute best that you can afford. Do your homework first because price does not always mean quality! This site reviews some of the most readily available dog foods on the market by ingredient and benefits.

Goat Health links
Fias Co Farm /Molly's Herbals
Comprehensive information on goat health and husbandry and natural alternative animal care.
I have been using some of their products with fabulous results! I strongly recommend their Immune Support Tonic & Herbal Wormer!
Holistic Dairy Vet erinarian
Emphasis on cattle, but excellent theories that will apply to animal husbandry in general.

Copper deficiency in goats, with example pictures and bolusing instruction
Kinne's Mini's
Excellent resource on goat health and disease