We have bred Luna (Delta La Majada Los Robles) to Bruno (Hosco Tierra de Orbigo) and are expecting their litter by the end of November. 

Luna                                                                           Bruno 

Jocelyn was bred for a late December litter to Irou de Tierra de Orbigo.
 (Flory de Tierra de Orbigo x Hernan de Tierra de Orbigo)
A very nice looking, well bred male with beautiful movement and temperament.
He and Jocelyn are well matched and I am very excited about this litter!

I am accepting a few more reservations between these 2 litters.

Zelda (Azara de Majada de Los Robles) will be bred to Irou de Tierra de Orbigo
in the spring of 2018. I currently have 4 reservations on this litter.

Contact me if you would like more information on our planned litters for 2017 or 2018.
Unless we have very large litters, most of our puppies are reserved months 
prior to birth.


We would not breed any dog, at any time and for any reason, that suffered
from long term poor health, severe structural faults and/or genetic issues! 
The reputation and future of the breed here in the US and our own dogs are
much too important to me to risk them as others are carelessly doing.

We do more with our puppies than any other Spanish Mastiff breeder in the US has ever
done to insure that everyone receives a well rounded, adaptable puppy from us that is
well started and will acclimate quickly and easily to most any situation!

All of my puppies will be...

Introduced to various situations and places outside the pups comfort zone
Well started with livestock
Evaluated by our State Kennel club for Structural quality
(we are the only breeder to have this done)
Temperament tested
Started on Basic training
Very well Socialized with people
(both big and small!)
Registered through FCI
Vet checked and fecal exams done
Fed a premium 5 star quality food
De-wormed regularly
Loved unconditionally

We spend hours and hours of QUALITY time with our puppies daily, and judging by all
the wonderful feedback I've gotten from our puppy owners around the country, it has
been time well spent! We know their personalities and traits and have an excellent track
record for placing the right pups with the right people and situations!

We offer support through-out the lifetime of our puppies and dogs and are always
available to answer any questions or concerns, offer training tips, or just to chat about
this unique and amazing breed!

Because I am serious about the welfare of the breed here in the US, I proudly and happily
offer support to any Spanish Mastiff owner, whether you have bought a pup from me or not.

To learn more about the growth and care of a Spanish Mastiff puppy click HERE
Though I have always posted references and comments from owners of our puppies
on the individual puppy pages, for convenience they can now be found HERE

Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in making a
reservation on a future litter.


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