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B reedingР’ Quality Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dogs
Nigerian DwarfР’ Goats withР’ emphasis on Milking ability
and correct dairy Conformation

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Winner of the 2012, 2013Р’ and 2014 Wisconsin State Fair
Premier Breeder Award

1st place Breeders Trio - 2013 & 2014
1st Place Dairy Herd - 2012, 2013 & 2014
1st place Exhibitors Herd - 2013 & 2014
1st Place Dam & Daughter with
MCH Fall Creek Spice 2*D & Fall Creek Nutmeg - 2013 & 2014

MCH Black Locus Porchia - photo courtesy of Sharon Dean

Welcome to Fall Creek Farm! We are located inР’ southwestern Wisconsin,
approximately one hour west of the state capitol, Madison.
My daughter Hilary and I moved to Wisconsin inР’ 1996 from Chicago, fulfilling
my childhood dream of having a farm of my own. I then proceeded to fill it up!
After a housing development sprang up at the edge of our last farm,Р’ weР’ moved to a
beautiful new farm set within 3000 acres that is in perpetual trust and will never
be developed. It is much better suited to both mine and our animals needs.
I will never tire of the gorgeous views!

We are currently raising Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guards
and a myriad of other animals both in and out of the house!Р’ We will usually have a good selection of animalsР’ available for sale in the Spring and Summer months.

We bought our first Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats in 2001 and I feelР’ that ourР’ herd is
represented by what I consider some very strong bloodlines, in both dairy character
and conformation, which include Brush Creek, Caesar's Villa, GoodwoodР’ and Willow's.
These long established, productive lines are the foundation of my herd.
We imported our first Spanish Mastiff in early 2003 and have been so extremely
impressed by their working ability and temperament that we began breeding them so
that we could introduce and share this amazing breed with others here in the US too!
We attend as many goat shows as we can every yearР’ soР’ our miniature dairy goats
can be judged andР’ evaluated. I'm very proud to say ourР’ Nigerians have consistently placedР’ at the top of their classesР’ in the show ring.

I am a firm believer that if you are going to raise something, you should do it right.
Quality is our goal and responsibility. Animals should be selectively paired only to
improve conformation, temperament and character over the previous generation.
I am very pleasedР’ with the progress we have made in a relatively short period of
time towards this goal.

Our goatsР’ over 12 months are tested annually forР’ Johnes (CAE done occasionally). Depending on date of birth when the tests are run, some may be older than 12 months before testing...Our latest JohnesР’ and CAE tests were done February 2016.
I'll be happy to share the negative resultsР’ upon request.
Our kids are raised on a strict preventative regardless of our negative test results
(pulled at birth, fed pasturized milk and housed seperately from the adult herd).
We use a more holistic, naturalР’ approach to health care for our animals and I have
really appreciated the results we have seen.

Our dogs are fed a premium and raw diet that has gone a long way towards improving
long termР’ health and general appearance. Because our birds andР’ goats range,
we avoid chemicals and have found many successful
natural alternatives to
bug and weed control. Guinea Fowl being one of the best for bugs!

I hope you enjoy your visit! Please feel free to contact me via e-mail or phoneР’ with any questions or comments. I am always willing to talk about animals!

I am a member ofР’ the
, American Dairy Goat Assoc. & AEPME

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