Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dogs

DOB: 5/17/13

I was very excited about this litter between Zoe and Ivan, and with good reason!
The entire litter is fantastic! This was an extremely important litter here in the US not only
for the desperately needed genetic diversity that they provided here (unrelated to all but one
dog in this country), but for their excellent structural quality, intelligence and stable
temperaments as well.

Fiona is an amazing dog and captured our hearts from the beginning!
In her structure evaluation, she ranked a 9 out of 10 score and she appears to be the best
of two exceptional parents in not only structure, but temperament, personality and working
ability as well! Zoe and Ivan are making my training job easy and they are teaching her
what she does and doesn't need to do in the pasture.

I am so pleased with how Fiona has matured and am impressed by her daily!

Extended pedigree with photo's is below.

2 years 2 years

11 months old (with Ivan) 11 months old

October  '13 October '13

October  '13 October '13

5 weeks 4 weeks

4 weeks 3 weeks

Ivan (Iker de Picu Xiana)

Bosco de Picu Xiana (B)
(pictured at 12 months)

Circe de la Majada Los Robles (A)

Toura de Fonteferra

Karana de Abelgas (B)

Nuno de Los Zumbos

Circe de Los Zumbos

Agora del Viejo Paramo

Nistos de Valdejera

Diana de Buxionte

CH Cabellaro de Hazas de Cesto

Ch. Oda de Valdejera

Surco de Fuente Mimbre

Candela de Buxionte