Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dogs

Ivan (Iker de Picu Xiana)
DOB: 12/06/11

I am absolutely thrilled to have imported this gorgeous boy from Spain!
Ivan has very correct conformation, fabulous movement and the most wonderful
and expressive face! At three years of age, he is 34 inches tall at the shoulder and
weighs a lean 180 lbs.
I am impressed by this wonderful dog daily! The degree of confidence that Ivan exhibits
as well as his curiosity and intelligence is amazing and he attends many educational events
with me where he is surrounded by hundreds to thousands of people and he handles it
all with calm dignity!
He is an exceptional working dog and does very well with the goats - alerting me to births, etc.
I could not be happier with this incredible dog!

Ivan has some incredible animals behind him with excellent structure and heavy bone!
I have been a huge fan of the Los Zumbos lines in particular for many years, and have
followed the development of Ivan's dam since she was a pup herself!
His breeder had been sending me videos of him since he was born (literally!) and
it was so much fun watching him develop from birth!

3 1/2 years 3 1/2 years

2 years 2 years

11 months (with Zoe)

11 months (with Zoe)

10 months

10 months

8 months

6 months 6 months

6 months 6 months

8 weeks old

8 weeks

7 weeks old

6 weeks


SIRE: Bosco de Picu Xiana (B)
(pictured at 12 months)

Toura de Fonteferra

Karana de Abelgas (B)

Ch. Caņon de Fuente Mimbre

Seda de Cueto Negro

Sultan de Abelgas

Trota de Abelgas

Circe de la Majada Los Robles (A)

Nuno de Los Zumbos

Circe de Los Zumbos
(pictured at 1 year)

Romeo de Los Zumbos

Lancia de Los Zumbos

Cantero de Los Zumbos

Oliva de Los Zumbos