Nigerian Dwarf Bucks

Remember! Bucks are the cornerstone of your herd!

When looking for a herd sire, please keep in mind that a good buck can take you far
and a mediocre buck can set your breeding program back years!

You should only buy the best of the best when it comes to udder genetics and dairy character!
Take the time to research what is in an animals pedigree as far back as you can go and buy wisely.
A little education can save you alot of time and effort in the long run!

In my opinion, there are way too many bucks out there that should never have been left
intact and that are being used and sold as breeding animals.

I have never used an over sized buck in my breeding program nor do I ever plan to (it is a disqualifying fault).
I don't believe that a buck needs to be taller to display the desired dairy qualities.

Fall Creek WR Cilantro *S

D.O.B. 4/14/2012
Lost Valley DAX SeaDoo *S
Lost Valley SD Waverunner *S
ARMCH/GCH Lost Valley Lacey 2*D
Brush Creek Shakespeare
MCH Fall Creek Cinnamon *D
Fall Creek Blue Jean

Gorgeous buck that has dairy character
to spare! He has very nice length
and depth of body, very sharp at the
shoulder and smoothly blended with
an excellent top line, legs and feet.

Cinnamon has been very consistent in
what she has produced and so have her offspring from previous years. Across the board, she and her kids have improved udders! Cinnamon is one of my best milkers and earned her milk star even after having lost half of her udder to mastitis the year before!
I really like the animals behind Runner for
their production and longevity and he is a
very well put together buck himself!

Extended Pedigree

Dam: MCH Fall Creek Cinnamon *D

Heartland Tri Capra 5/11/13
2 x's 2nd
Reserve Senior Champion Buck

Dam: MCH Fall Creek Spice 2*D

Litter mate sister Fall Creek Nutmeg

MCH Fall Cree k BD Patchouli
D.O.B. 4/27/2012

Lost Valley KW Raising Cain *S
MCH Black Locus Porchia
Fall Creek VR Leopold
MCH Fall Creek Cinnamon *D

I am so happy to have been able to bring Patchouli back into our herd!
I have great expectations for this boy!

Extremely strong animals with awesome production all through his pedigree and his
dam is one of my absolute best milkers!

Patchouli is very well put together and
dairy in appearance, with a nice rump,
excellent feet and legs, great width and
depth, open ribbing and very sharp and smoothly blended at the shoulder.

His litter mate sister Nutmeg freshened
with an absolutely phenomenal udder!

Extended Pedigree

Mo-Kan Show Sedalia, MO. 5/24/14
1st place
Grand Champion Senior Buck

Heartland Dairy Goat Show
Cambridge, IL 6/27/15
Grand Champion Senior Buck
Best Buck in Show

IDGA Spring Show
Colfax, IA/ 6/4/16
3 x's 1st
Grand Champion Senior Buck

pictured at a few months old

Dam: SGCH Old Mtn Farm Swift-Leigh

Litter mate sister: Kyeema Ridge Synchronicity
1st freshening udder
Photo's courtesy of Kyeema Ridge

Kyeema Ridge Time Bandit
D.O.B. 5/2/2013

Dawnland Tabby's Checkerspot
Kyeema Ridge Banjo Patterson
Dragonfly HX Tanunda vvve 90
CH/MCH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax +B
SGCH Old Mountain Farm Swift-Leigh  93
Old Mountain Farm Suddenly 2*D 2*M

This boy is extremely dairy and has
an incredible pedigree behind
him and some amazing udders!
His dam Swift-Leigh was the 1st Nigerian
to ever score a EEEE 93 and she was 2nd place Aged Milker at the 2014 ADGA Nationals.
Bandit's littermate sister (Kyeema Ridge Synchronicity) freshened with a beautiful
udder this year!

On Loan from All Seasons Dairy Goats
Thanks Becky!

Extended Pedigree

Sire: Kyeema Ridge banjo Patterson

Kyeema Ridge Outlaw Pete
D.O.B. 3/30/2015

Buttin' Heads Mendleson's March
Buttin' Heads Martinique
GCH Buttin' Heads Shapinsay *M
Buttin' Heads Pan Pipes *B
Buttin Heads Pan For Gold
CH Buttin'Heads Meerscham Pipe

I'm thrilled to have added this buckling to my herd! I anticipate that his lines will cross extemely well with my own.
His dam just appraised EEEV 90 as a 3 year old.
His grandsire is littermate brother to ARMCH/GCH Buttin' Heads Wedding Song 3*D/*M (a doe that I have long admired!).

Extended Pedigree

IDGA Spring Show
Colfax, IA/ 6/4/16
3 x's 1st

Reserve Grand Champion Senior buck

Dam: MCH Fall Creek Versailles

Fall Cree k ?
D.O.B. 4/11/2016

Creek Road Hudson +S
Dragonfly CRH Renegade
Dragonfly HFX Kyrie
Fall Creek Cilantro *S
MCH Fall Creek Versailles
MCH/CH ASG Pixie's Paris *D*M

This buck is from a very promising cross
and has excellent potential! Very striking buck!
He is extremely well put together, with
open ribbing, a long dairy neck and has incredible length of body!
Both his dam, granddam and great
grand dam are excellent milkers, with
beautiful and productive udders!

Extended Pedigree

For the health of our herd, we absolutely do not provide buck service