Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dogs

(Rawa z Doliny Czarnej Wody)
DOB: 5/30/07

Delilah is a healthy, heavy boned girl with plenty of wrinkle! She has a fabulous,
out-going temperament though she has sometimes been a bit of a challenge in regards
to training! She is stubborn yet very loving, so we tend to overlook her stubborness!
She is serious about guarding her home and livestock and tends to "adopt" baby goats.
Delilah is an amazing mother and is incredibly gentle with her pups while young and
very playful with them as adults too! I adore this dog!

She is now retired from breeding, but is such a valuable member of our farm
and home that she will never leave here.

Delilah - July '11
4 years old

Delilah - December '10
3 1/2 years old (December '10)

Delilah 3 years old (Sept '10)
3 years old (Sept '10)

3 years old  (Sept '10)
3 years old (Sept '10)

Delilah with "B" litter (Feb. '10) Del ilah with "B" litter (Jan. '10)

with daughter Aliya (Jan '10)

October '09

2 years old (Sept. 09)

Delilah (right) with daughter Aislinn (Sept 09)

2 years old

Feb. '09

Delilah with "A" litter

December '08

December '07

Sept '07 August '07


Delilah (Rawa z Doliny Czarnej Wody)

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Arroyo de Laciana

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