Spanish Mastiff Livestock Guardian Dogs

(Agora del Viejo Paramo)
DOB: 12/04/09

Zoe is a beautiful dog in structure, temperament and personality!
She is very sweet and eager to please (not common in a Spanish Mastiff!) with a
temperament very similiar to her mothers. I could not be happier with her!
She attends many educational events with us yearly and always handles herself with
extreme confidence and calm in unfamiliar places while surrounded by thousands of
people! Every single person that has ever met her has fallen in love!
She is excellent with the goats and I could not be happier with how she performs
her duties here on the farm. She has a very nurturing personality (an excellent
characteristic in a working dog) and is a wonderful mother.
She has beautiful movement and structure with very good bone and plenty of wrinkle!
She is 32 3/4 inches tall and weighs a lean 175 pounds.

We lost our beautiful Zoe to bloat and she will be forever missed.
I adored this girl and am so grateful that I have two of her daughters here.

October 2013 May 2013

November '12 November  '12 (with Ivan)

December '11 November  '11

10/10/11 10/10/11

On the roof after the Feb. blizzard Jan. '11
Jan. '11
Jan. '11
Zoe with Brisa  Jan '11 December 2010
Watching the snowflakes fall

December 4, 2010  (1 year old today)
December 4, 2010

November '10 November '10

November '10
(Sept '10)

April '10 April '10

Zoe with Brisa - April '10 Zoe with Clara  ( '10)


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Selva de Cueto Negro

Diana de Buxionte 7/22/08

Surco de Fuente Mimbre

Candela de Buxionte

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